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About Santhigram Foundation

Promoting Ayurveda and Yoga Globally

Santhigram Foundation is a purpose-driven non-profit organization that aims to revolutionize the concept of health and wellness through Ayurveda and Yoga. Santhigram Foundation aims to bring Ayurveda and Yoga to a wider audience

About Santhigram Foundation

Global Online Ayurveda Library (G.O.A.L)

Global Online Ayurveda Library will serve as a virtual space to share evidence-based resources on Ayurveda and traditional medicine to educate and empower healthcare professionals, consumers, and knowledge enthusiasts.

Global Prakriti Project

Global Prakriti Project (GPP) is an ambitious research effort to identify, map and classify the Human Population based on “Prakriti Assessment” to decode Ayurveda’s philosophical blueprint of life – Prakriti.

Health Outcome Improvement Research

Health Outcome Improvement Research Programs:

i. Non-opioid pain management
ii. Long haul covid symptoms management
iii. Insomnia management

About Santhigram Foundation

  • To validate Ayurveda as a complementary model to the global healthcare ecosphere. Santhigram Foundation aims to revolutionize the concept of wellness using Ayurveda and yoga’s whole-person approach and community wellness systems.

About Santhigram Foundation

  • The Santhigram Foundation is determined to make Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapies and yoga accessible and affordable to people worldwide.

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Santhigram Herbals

Santhigram Herbals

Santhigram Herbals

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Santhigram Foundation is a non-profit health organisation that is commited to promoting the introduction of the modernized use of Ayurveda and yoga, by bringing biostatistics, health informatics, and AI-based analytics.
In order topromote the mass education of Ayurvedic Ideologies and therapies globally.